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Treasure Map of Italy - What Lies Beneath

Enjoy an adventure through central and southern Italy with my treasure map that is a self-guided tour and souvenir all in one! Each treasure map comes with clues and descriptions of each location on the map. Pick and choose which places you want to explore or tour them all. I recommend drawing a red dotted line of your route as you take your trip with an "x" marks the spot at the end. Or wait until you are done and put "x" on your favorite or most memorable spot. Then you have a one-of-a-kind souvenir to hang on your wall when you get home!

This map includes some locations that aren't always the heavily traveled spots. Italy has SO much to offer! This tour requires a rental car if you plan on getting to most of these beautiful, historic stops. If you have a romantic or special spot you would like me to add to the map, just let me know. Simple additions are free of charge. Additional artwork will cost extra. I also recommend planning your trip outside of the high season of July and August. Everything is more affordable and less crowded. I also like the idea of avoiding those really hot months. Time to start planning your trip to Italy!

Maps are made on high quality, heavy weight paper. Each map is hand dyed and burned. So no two maps are exactly alike. 

The size is approximately 10" x 14" for $19.95.
Caribbean Treasure Map
Approx 8"x12"
Treasure Map of Kauai, Hawaii
Approx 8.5"x 15"

Are you going to Kauai? Take this map with you as part of your travel adventure and holiday keepsake. Follow the riddle on the map...
"Where the end of the road meets a pirate's demise, to the pool of water viewed from hollow eyes. From the tunnel of trees you must explore, across to the reef at Tunnels Beach. Is treasure buried here in the deep?"